The first impression matters the most as you may have heard – the first impression is the last!

So, whether you’re a freelancer or someone who is looking for a full-time job, all you need is something different to stay ahead of competitors. Especially if the competition for the advertised position is HIGH.

What do you need for that? You’ll need a strong CV.

10 Hacks How To Build A Perfect Cv In 2021

If you want your CV to stand out from the crowd then it is time to focus on what your CV is missing.

No need to search how to build a perfect CV when we are here to hush away your troubles with our magic spell and help you in writing an ideal CV just the way YOU are!

We strongly believe a CV is a representation of the person himself, so a dull and dry CV for you is a big NO from our side!

If you have big dreams and you want to chase your dreams then you know what is on your list next. A perfect CV!

Because without a CV, you can not get further. A CV or a resume is the first step towards your career.

Now it depends on you, if you want to become successful, you can climb through your CV which is a ladder of GOOD LUCK for your career – otherwise, an uninteresting CV might not take you much further.

But you do not need to worry about much when we are here to stand by your side and to clap on all your achievements because we want to see you sparkling!

That is the reason we are listing below 10 hacks on how to build a CV that will help you hit your desired target.

Hack 01: Use a Professional email address

Although we know how obvious it is to use a professional email address sometimes beginners or those who are applying on an entry-level do not know about it.

Let us tell you an interesting fact, the majority of the candidates get rejected based on unprofessional email addresses. So it is high time where you need to sit back, have a cup of coffee, and think about a new email address that you should come up with.

Several teenagers have used “sweet, dashing, or innocent” kinds of words in their email addresses. Some have even added numbers like their date of birth or year of birth. Nope, stop right there! You need to consider a professional email provider like Gmail to create a professional email address that you can add to your CV.

Hack 02: Update your contact information

Double-check if the contact information that you have provided on your CV is up-to-date or not!

We are sure you are not willing to miss an interview call because you have forgotten to add a digit of your mobile number or you have not added the new contact number you have recently bought.

Hack 03: 12 is the perfect font size

One of the key points of getting selected is that your CV must possess the readability power.

Make sure the font of your CV is not too unprofessional keeping in mind that 12 is the perfect font point but in case you have much experience and it is getting hard to be covered in 2 pages, then you may decrease the font size to 10.

Hack 04: Get help from someone

We know how tiring it can get to manage home, office and then your studies side by side. But what if we tell you that we are aware of someone who can help you in these difficult times? Want to know who? Scroll down to read the answer.

If you are too occupied with your tough routine then you can hire experts from a CV writing service UK. The professional writers will craft a CV just the way you like while meeting the deadline and giving you an option of as many revisions as you want.

Hack 05: A reverse-chronological order is your choice.

Start writing your experience by mentioning your most recent job and the work you are doing.

The same order is to be followed for your academic section where first, you have to highlight your highest degree achieved.

Hack 06: Add subheadings

Experts from executive CV writing service believe that adding subheadings may add colors to your CV.

It divides your CV into proper sections and increases visibility.

Hack 07: Get professional by adding your social media profiles

Include the URL of your professional website or blog in your contact area.

You can also include any related social media handles. Most professionals usually add their LinkedIn URL as well as their Twitter account.

Hack 08: Relevancy matters the most

Tailor the content you have added to your CV concerning the job application you are interested in.

Even if you are applying for several jobs altogether, then a little editing in your CV would do great! Just do not fill the blank spaces of your CV with all the unnecessary information. Instead, use that space wisely by telling the hiring managers why you are a perfect fit for this job.

Hack 09: Pick the Keywords from the job description

The most important yet initial part is a CV being reviewed by an automated machine.

If you carefully select the keywords given in the job description and add them to your CV it can become the ideal CV that is relevant to the job and it would be further passed for a human review. That means lesser chances of getting rejected.

Hack 10: Edit and Proofread

You must proofread your CV carefully. Recruiters may often discard CVs that contain typos or other errors. Don’t rely on software like Grammarly to catch all mistakes; many typing errors or grammatical mistakes will go undetected.

Now, what you can do? Well, you can slowly read the document and pay attention to every word.


CV writing is not an easy task and everyone knows that. But we agree sometimes you need proper assistance that can help you become a pro! Or sometimes to make your work easier, hiring experts to do your task is the perfect decision. But if you want to do it on your own, then we have already listed above a few of the best hacks that would help you to kick away your worries on how to build a perfect CV!

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